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Show Times

Heads Up w/ Jaspa Barrott

Wednesday 00.00-2.00
Saturday 8.00-10.00

Born in the Birmingham, the home of rock music and growing up through the exciting era of Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple etc. it is no surprise that I took up the guitar at the age of 12 to try to emulate my heroes.

My love of music was not soley fixed in the classic rock range by any means, anything that featured a guitar was fair game and I found myself listening to a range of styles from classical music from artists like John Williams and Sky to glam rock from The Sweet, Slade and T- Rex.


At the age of 18 I found myself serving in the RAF as a weapons technician, a job which has taken me to many different countries and taught me many times the importance of being patient and having a sense of humour


I relocated to Gloucestershire with my wife, Helene and was offered the position of rock show host on the now sadly gone MtM internet radio (a position that Helene has  encouraged and supported me in tirelessly

Heads Up.jpg
The Supertone Show

Thursday 20.00-21.00
Sunday 4.00-5.00

BREAKING NEWS ...... The Supertone Show podcast - Ressurection! https:/

The Supertone Show’ is a weekly, music-inspired chat show about songs and the people who make them.
Presented by European blues awards nominees, it features an eclectic mix of music from their vinyl collections, plus special shows focussing on inspirational people who have influenced and changed the sound of modern music.

Rock Druid With Jon Wisbey

Saturday 2:00 - 4:00 

"Hosted by Jon Wisbey (of the BCFM Sunday Rockshow fame - Sunday, 10pm UK time)), The Rock Druid is a two hour anything goes exploration of all things rock. From Cat Stevens to Cannibal Corpse, from Bio Hazard to Bob Dylan, is no genres barred and hopefully contains something for everyone."

Rock Druid.jpg
Pluggin' Baby with Emma Scott

Thursday 11.00-13.00
Saturday 14.00-15.00 

Veteran radio presenter of over 30 years, Emma Scott has today revealed details of her new globally syndicated radio show.

The Pluggin Baby Radio Show is being offered as a 2-hour weekly programme to stations all over the world and features the most exciting independent talent from her radio plugging business, Pluggin Baby, which she has been running since 2013.

The show, which will be pre-recorded in her own Cambridgeshire home studio will also play established bands who have fired up Emma’s musical passion since she started her radio career back in 1988.

Acoustic sets and interviews with familiar artists and classic tracks, as well as introductions to fresh new bands should keep ears and the imagination fired up with its weekly offering.  The show is currently rattling in the blocks with already over 30 stations worldwide embracing the excitement of hosting its celebration.  “The more the merrier” says Emma with a broad mischievous grin.

As Emma shines the spotlight on her favourite artists and encounters from over the years; exhilarating new sounds will lie seamlessly side by side with the likes of “Shinedown, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Paramore, Stereophonics, Jimmy Eat World, Placebo, and of course Muse!”, the latter a band openly beloved by the lady herself.

“So good, I named my company after one of their songs!” she declared.

THE PLUGGIN’ BABY RADIO SHOW is already whipping up excitement in the same way Emma has over the years with the likes of Kerrang! Radio, Metro FM, Hallam FM, Power FM, Chiltern Radio, Heart, Galaxy, Juice and many more.

In the words of Emma, “Having worked in the music industry for over 30 years, I have radio in my blood” and as the show will epitomise and the music industry can attest to over the past couple of decades or so, the supporting and promoting of new bands and great sounds lies deep in her heart, it all brought forth once more with the fun and passion only rock ‘n’ roll can inspire.

RR Pluggin Baby.jpg
Molten Metal

Saturday 18.00-20.00
Monday 6.00-8.00

The Roadie is a former lighting tech and roadie who plays the music from his days on the road and may even share a few stories from the road with you as well.


The Molten Metal Show was created by the Roadie for Volcano Radio in July 2008 and plays music from NWOBHM, the hair bands of the 80's , the greats from the past that started it all and some new stuff too!  He also plays a lot of New Zealand metal from the Halcion days of the 80's and 90's.

Deep Cuts With Rick Kinsey

Wednesday 16.00-17.00
Friday 22.00-23.00

BREAKING NEWS ...... The Supertone Show podcast - Ressurection! https:/

The Supertone Show’ is a weekly, music-inspired chat show about songs and the people who make them.
Presented by European blues awards nominees, it features an eclectic mix of music from their vinyl collections, plus special shows focussing on inspirational people who have influenced and changed the sound of modern music.

Cory's Jukebox

Thursday 1.00-4.00
Monday 14.00-17.00

My show with classic, vintage and new rock. From Zeppelin and the Doors to Westlife and Moving Pictures. I hope you will join me,let me know it. Call me at 808-242-5666

Real Vision Radio Show

Friday 20.-22.00
Monday 10.00-12.00

The voice of Friday evenings two hour show Rock N' Roll With It, playing new, classic, indie and alternative rock tunes till lunch time.
Featuring exclusive interviews and music 

Real Vision Radio Show.jpg
Monster Modal Meltdown With Sean McGee

Saturday 20.00-21.00
Sunday 12.00-13.00

Sean McGee first found music as a boy when he was bought a cassette recorder for a birthday present.That
recorder enabled him to actually make his own radio shows, introducing the songs and even
interviewing himself as various, distinguished guests!
By his early teens, he joined a friend group who spent weekends in sweaty bedrooms, strumming cardboard
guitars to the best albums of the day. Iron Maiden, Scorpions or Led Zeppelin were the usual stable “strum
fest” of the era.True halcyon days! His late teens saw him actually with a real guitar and from those times
forward he’s never ever looked back.
As a member of many rock and metal bands, Sean has played some wonderful gigs and has made a huge
amount of friends along the way. These days he’s to be found in cosmopolitan Norwich, recording in
his home studio, but life still keeps moving forward and, as is often the way, life tends to repeat itself.
Sean is now hosting a “real” radio show, The MONSTER MODAL MELTDOWN, playing tunes by such
musicians as have inspired him to play guitar himself. In his own words: “|! wanna give something back, make
you smile and just get everyone inspired, just like it was when | was a boy”

Rock Revival Show

Friday 9.00-11.00
Tuesday 17.00-19.00

Rock Revival is a 2-hour show featuring new rock music and a few classic tracks from the vaults,

Jules and myself (Bob) have been doing a rock show for over 10 years now and have worked on

various community and local stations both internet and FM.

On the

show we like to give a platform to up-coming bands as well as playing new music from those

already established.

The Rock Radio Interview Show With Cyderbaby

Friday 11.00-13.00

The Rock Radio UK Interview Show, hosted by our very own Dave Cyderbaby.
A selection of Interviews with various bands over the last few weeks. Most with Dave Cyderbaby but with some generic ones from the PR companies from time to time.
Dave started out in music journalism around 4 years ago, never did he think at the start that he would own his own website and radio station!
The love of music started by seeing Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show. Since then he has tried to champion new music as well as playing loads of classic tracks!

The Cyderbaby All Day Breakfast Show With Cyderbaby

Monday 8.00-10.00
Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday 7.00-9.00

The All Day Breakfast Show, hosted by our very own Dave Cyderbaby.
Dave started out in music journalism around 4 years ago, never did he think at the start that he would own his own website and radio station!
The love of music started by seeing Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show. Since then he has tried to champion new music as well as playing loads of classic tracks!

Asahartz' 21st Century Roxx with Chris Bolus

Sunday 7.00-9.00
Tuesday 9.00-11.00

After all that time in rock, I've never been more excited by the live rock scene than now. So my mission is to promote modern rock music, to bring these bands to a wider audience, with a bit of the classic stuff thrown in alongside.

Twitter: @radioasahartz


The Classic Rock Show With Will Meadows

Monday 22.00-00.00
Saturday 00.00-2.00

Musician & Radio Presenter of The Classic Rock Show.Playing Great Guitar Music Classic Rock & Album Tracks.

Live Radio!!!

Classic Rock Show (1).jpg
Shed Rock With Paul Bakes

Wednesday 6.00-7.00
Monday 3.00-4.00

Paul presents Shed Rock direct from his shed studio at the bottom of his garden, some people say he is away with the fairies! But that’s just his age!!!

Paul has been devoted to music since an early age. Paul’s favourite musical instrument whilst at school was the dinner bell! …..Paul has Played Bass Guitar for over 40 years, in addition to DeeJaying from the mid 70’s, and presenting on local radio in the 80’s.

Paul will bring his taste for melodic 70’s & 80’s rock to the airwaves, hopefully you will like it too. He will also try and supply a weekly gig guide for music lovers around his home county of East Yorkshire  for listeners to go and support an ever decreasing number of venues willing to put on live bands.

Shed Rock (3).jpg
Spokes & Leathers With Madarse & Jacqui

Saturday 12.00-14.00
Tuesday 1.00-3.00

Simey McCreedy aka (Madarse) is a long time radio host who works in FM and Online radio. He has been part of the Rock Radio Uk family for many years, previously hosting The Madarse Biker Rock Show and Mundane Rage. Simey still works across 5 FM stations but missed Rock Radio Uk so much that he had to come back This time around he is joined by his lovely future intended Jacqui, aka (J), both have a real passion for classic rock and heavy metal as you will hear in their show each week.

Madarse & Jacqui (1).jpg
Audio Ink With Anne Erickson

Tuesday 14.00-15.00
Thursday 17.00-18.00

Audio Ink Radio is a music news website dedicated to rock and metal news, interviews, critique and reviews. Founded by music journalist and radio host Anne Erickson, whose bylines run in Consequence of Sound, Gibson and more. Soli Deo Gloria.

Audio Ink.jpg
Rock 'N' Roll With It With James Hilden

Monday 12.00-14.00
Sunday 2.00-4.00

The voice of mid Monday mornings two hour show Rock N' Roll With It, playing new, classic, indie and alternative rock tunes till lunch time.

Featuring exclusive interviews and music from upcoming singer song writers and bands based in the South East London and Kent areas.

This is the only show on Rock Radio UK which comes with a warning that James may sometimes immerse you in classic car facts and rant over the weeks events!

Rock N' Roll With It.jpg
Keith Nickless Rock Show With Keith Nickless

Friday 13.00-14.00
Sunday 11.00-12.00

grew up in the 60s/70s with show tune loving brass band listening parents and a sister addicted to Cliff Richard. The first album I bought was Abbey Road followed shortly after by Let it Bleed. I was hooked!


Real Vision Radio Show w/ Alan Hare

The voice of Friday evenings two hour show Rock N' Roll With It, playing new, classic, indie and alternative rock tunes till lunch time.

Featuring exclusive interviews and music

Keith Nickless Rock Show.jpg
Hard Heavy & Hair Show With Pariah Burke

Friday 7.00-9.00
Sunday 5.00-7.00

Pariah Burke grew up banging his impressive head of hair to 80s and 90s hard rock, heavy metal, and hair band albums he played all the way through while wondering why even the coolest FM stations only ever played the singles. Living and playing in bands in Daytona Beach back when Bike Week was still awesome, Pariah developed a taste for Harleys and whiskey, and began DJing Bike Week events and mud wrestling. Later, somehow still in possession of his full hearing, Pariah embraced the ability of Internet radio to reach hard rock, heavy metal, and hair band fans all over the world. He started the Hard, Heavy & Hair with Pariah Burke syndicated radio show to bring to all those fans the biggest hits but even more so the non-single album tracks, the “deep cuts,” that make albums great but never get air play during regular radio rotation.

The Kasey Ferguson Show With Kasey Ferguson

Saturday 5.00-8.00

The Kasey Ferguson Show is an exciting and one-of-a-kind podcast that spins great music from a diverse array of genres (with particular focus on hard rock and metal) and provides in depth interviews with bands, songwriters, actors, athletes, authors, celebrities, comedians and those behind the scenes.

The Kasey Ferguson Show.jpg
The Flower Power Hour with Ken and MJ

Thursday 15.00-17.00
Wednesday 9.00-11.00

The Flower Power Hour features music from the Golden Age of Flower Power – the 60’s and 70’s, plus like-minded tunes from the 80’s right up to today.  Album rock radio veteran Ken Rundel and his wife MJ host this ode to peace, love, and rock and roll from the George Carlin Memorial Studio in the Bamboo Peace Palace, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  They rekindle your flower power spirit with great album rock, including deep tracks you’ve forgotten or never heard of. Plus they’ll turn you on to the best new music coming out today. Period comedy and interviews with the artists are also part of our Flower Power experience.

The Flower Power Hour is available at no cost to your station and can be run as a one, two, or three hour show. It currently streams on broadcast and internet stations in the U.S., Spain, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Ken Rundel’s extensive radio experience included early stays at WVIC, Lansing, MI, and w-4, Detroit. Next up was the legendary album-rocker, “The Zoo” in Dallas, where he was program director and had the #1 rated midday show. He’s interviewed dozens of musical icons and lists Joan Baez, Steve Miller, Nancy Wilson, Keith Reed, Willie Nelson, Don Mclean, Roger McGuinn, and Michael Brewer as some of his favorites. Other stops included Q-102, KZPS, KOAI, KRBE and KXCC in Texas, and the ABC Radio Classic Rock Network, where he was the top-rated jock. Ken’s also been an attorney, actor, and improv comedian and instructor.

MJ grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, addicted to the heritage album rocker, KSHE-95. Her extensive knowledge of rock and roll as well as her talent as an artist gave her incredible backstage access to all the early icons of album rock, including Cat Stevens, Alvin Lee, Jon Anderson, Donovan, Randy California, Elton John, and Ian Anderson. Her beautiful, mind-blowing posters graced the dressing room doors of all the greats.

The Flower Power Hour: Peace, Love, and Rock and Roll.

Flower Power Hour.jpg
Sunday Rock Show With Jon Wisbey

Sunday 22.00-1.00

The Sunday Rockshow is the longest running program, having had a continuous run since the station launched in 2006. Playing rock in all its various guises, from extreme hardcore and death thrash to folky indie prog and all points in between the show has built up a solid international listenership . Concentrating on the underground, the up and coming from right around the world and the forgotten gems from the archives (with odd old favorites thrown in as well) we hope the Sunday Rockshow has something to rock everyone's world." Jon Wisbey is London born but Bristolian by adoption. He has always been a self confessed rock nut and joined his first band at the age of 15. Rock DJing soon followed and he has spun the tunes in several bars and clubs around Bristol, including providing Dj support slots for the likes of The Groundhogs and Porcupine Tree. In 2002 he was asked to join the presenter line up of fledgling local station Radio 19 and then moved on to 19's successor station BCFM in 2006. His interview highlights include chats with the likes of Kip Winger, Steve Hackett, Soilwork, Vista Chino, OPM, The Devil Wears Prada and Wishbone Ash; however his proudest moment remains an exclusive natter with Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson.He is still a working musician and currently plays with space rockers

Sunday Rock Show.jpg
Philly Rock Live With Kevin & Johnny

Friday 00.00-2.00
Wednesday 17.00-19.00

The playlists focus heavily on music from the ’70s and ’80s, digging up rare tracks, never-before-heard bands from that era, familiar favorites and the new music those same bands are making today.

Andy Fox Rock Show

Thursday 21.00-00.00
Saturday 23.00-2.00

Andy Fox is one the most experienced and respected members of the Rock Radio UK team, recently celebrated over 30 years in broadcasting, having been involved in radio since the early eighties. He cut his broadcasting teeth under the guidance of the legendary Johnnie Walker and worked with the likes of Bob Harris, Dave Cash and even sports reporter Jonathan Pearce!


His encyclopaedic knowledge of music and ‘rock’ in particular, ideally suits the Rock Radio UK style and he has interviewed all the rock greats including Ozzy, Lemmy, Robert Plant, Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, Status Quo, Alice Cooper and even newer bands like The Darkness, The Answer, Rival Sons, The Temperance Movement and Halestorm.


Andy has worked on several different radio stations in the South West and Wales area and also throughout the nineties was Entertainments Manager at the Bristol Bierkeller, booking acts like Marillion, Extreme, Magnum, Thunder, Soundgarden, Manic Street Preachers, Faith No More and the only local gigs for both Nirvana and the Stone Roses.

He brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the Rockshow (Thursday 9pm-11pm) playing ‘Classic to Modern Rock, Prog to Metal and all things in between’.

The Rockshow regularly features guest interviews, featured album, rock history, rock news from the web and the weekly competition for current CD’s, DVD’s, books and tickets etc.

The Andy Fox Rock Show.jpg
Strange Days With Steve Boyce

Wednesday 12.00-14.00
Friday 15.00-17.00

Being born in the late 50s meant that i grew up listening to the Beatles and the Stones. The one day in 1969 at the age of 11 I heard "In the court of the crimson king" by King Crimson and my life changed. The pop charts would never concern me again.


I have spent the last 30 years as a professional musician. I have toured and acted as a session player for one or two names. In 2014, once the last child had left home, we moved home, studio and guitars to East Anglia to try out this thing called semi-retirement. I have never been so busy.


"Strange days" was born out of a drunken night on Facebook when I was showing off my so-called knowledge of obscure bands with a couple of friends. Somebody spotted this, he was the director of a local radio station and asked me if I'd be prepared to put together a radio show. I was and I did. The first show was broadcast in January 2013.


After moving to East Anglia I hitched up with Felixstowe Radio 107.5 fm but i noticed that most of my listeners were online. The good folk of Felixstowe weren't quite ready for a show that featured Gentle Giant and Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies!!.


I stayed for two years before coming to the conclusion that I would be better off preaching to the converted via my home studio and a weekly podcast on Mixcloud.


So i now find myself putting out the same stuff through Rock Radio UK. I'm sure I'm onto a winner.

Strange Days.jpg
Shades Of Rock With Mimmo Caccomo

Monday 1.00-3.00
Wednesday 2.00-4.00
Sunday 16.00-18.00

My name is Mimmo Caccamo, I'm 66 years old Italian chap. I've been living in London for

most of my life..

I've been a rock dj from 1976 and still going strong. I've also been a rock

correspondent for an Italian monthly mag

called Rockerilla. I've interviewed a variety of bands from Nirvana to Spiritualized,

Stereophonics and Napalm Death.....

Some for the mag, other for a fanzine ( just when I started writing ) and other for my

radio shows too.

Right now I have two weekly rock shows for two Italian radios both well knows.

The music I play its mostly rock but I drop some electronica at times..

I like to play 60s /70s rock ( King Crimson, Wishbone Ash, Trapeze, VDGG, Atomic

Rooster , Babe Ruth and more...) with a look on today's scene: Psychedelic rock,

stoner, doom, and whatever I fancy.

My rock taste it's quite wide.

Mimmo Caccamo

Miscreant Machine With Nick Giles

Sunday 18.00-19.00
Tuesday 00.00-1.00

Miscreant Machine covers punk, psyche, noise, grunge and alternative rock and is not averse to pushing boundaries.

Miscreant Machine.jpg
The Rock Vault With The Dazzler

Saturday 15.00-17.00
Tuesday 5.00-7.00

My music background bio, well, where do I start?


My first memory of liking music is 48 years ago when I was 4. I used to walk round the garden/street where I lived singing Gary Glitter's 'Do You Want To Be In My Gang?' such an infectious song that was (pity he went the way he did later in life). From there it was liking bands such as The Sweet, T-Rex, Terry Jacks, Pilot and Slade along with Come To Chigley soundtrack and We Are The Diddy Men (lol)


I also remember going to my Grandparents and stumbling across an old 50's record player, that used to belong to my Mother, and finding a stack of 7 inch singles next to it. I worked out how this contraption worked and enjoyed such sounds as Cathy's Clown by the Everly Brothers, Distant Drums by Jim Reeves and a whole host of Cliff Richard songs.


By the age of 8 in 1976 I had found ABBA, ELO, Status Quo which was 'music to my ears' (sorry). A dalliance with such things as Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick and Frigging In The Rigging a couple of years later but I decided Hard Rock and then Heavy Metal courtesy of Motorhead via Bomber and Overkill then Ace of Spades albums.


1979 going into 1980 was such a fantastic period to find new heavy music. Such bands as Saxon, Rainbow, Sammy Hagar, Scorpions, Van Halen, Whitesnake, AC/DC and UFO etc all came to my attention, buying as many singles as I could from the local Doncaster market stalls, Angie's Records shop and Fox's Records with my pocket money. Then getting a Binatone Studio 5 HiFi system from Woolies for my birthday, road testing it in the shop with a copy of Hardware by Krokus, awesome or what!!


The 80's saw me avidly collecting vinyl records that was anything to do with Rock whether that be NWOBHM, Traditional Metal, Hard Rock, AOR, Prog, Pomp Rock, Southern Rock, Hair Metal or Glam Metal etc. Also I discovered the Friday Rock Show in 1979 hosted by one of my Idols Tommy Vance. I would listen intently with my little transistor radio under my pillow, 10pm til 12am awaiting all the fantastic bands new and old that TV on the radio would play and taping as many broadcasts as I could thinking one day I would love to do his job lol!


The same goes for going to concerts. Over the last 40 years I have seen virtually all the classic bands of the late 70's and 80's. Which got me into wanting to play guitar and starting my own bands which I never got change to do until I hit the big 4-0. I got my first guitar when I was 10 years of age so it took a while, unfortunately, working/married life got in the way!


Currently, I am the Jay Jay French in my awesome tribute band to Twisted Sister who are called Twisted System.


So there you have it, I am still collecting the vinyl, still collecting the guitars and amps (to the chagrin of my good lady lol) and now I am looking forward to, hopefully, emulating Tommy Vance and have my own show playing an hour or 2 of my favourite tracks from my 40+ years of listening to the best music in this whole Goddamn universe!


Keep Rocking.....Stay Hungry!


The Dazzler

The Rock Vault.jpg
The Paranoid Squirrel Show With Armitage

Friday 23.00-00.00
Sun 9.00-10.00

Armitage Smith

Armitage was born under a bad sign, left out in the cold. He’s a lonely man who knows just what it means to lose control. A failed bassist, a failed guitarist, a failed business man and a lapsed trainspotter who since 2007 has been producing a weekly Podcast/Radio Show called The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. Where his remit is play music that you should hear on the radio but don’t. Armitage is happily married with one daughter living on the borders of Kent and Surrey and can be reached at

Paranoid Squirrel Show.jpg
Brett There Be Rock With Brett Scarrott

Saturday 17.00-18.00
Friday 14.00-15.00

Oxford born Brett, first got into 'rock' music after listening to his Aunt's 'The Sweet - Fox On The Run'. His first concert was Black Sabbath & Van Halen back in 1978 - and he was deaf for days(!) Hobbies include collecting anything SAXON and MOTORHEAD related. Claims to fame? A drink with Lemmy!

Brett Scarrott.png
Interstellar With Hawky

Wednesday 11.00-12.00
Friday 19.00-20.00

Paul Hawky here i have been into music as long as i can recall, inherited from my mom who played all kinds of things and its kinda stuck with me too.

My first love is Hawkwind but my tastes are wide and varied.

My mate Spudy and myself have been doing shows on rock radio uk

for last 3 years playing great music from the 60s to

present day known and unknown.

Total Knock Out Experience With Frank Broeders

Wednesday 14.00-16.00

Working a producer and presenter of the weekly syndicated radioshow The Total Knock Out Experience. 120 min of new pop, rock and indie tracks mixed with known and unknown oldies

Total Knockout Experience.jpg
Children Of The Night With Welsh Gene

Wednesday 23.00-1.00
Tuesday 3.00-5.00

Hi,I'm Welsh Gene.

I have a show here on Rockradiouk that goes out twice a week.its on every Wednesday 11:00pm & Tuesday 03:00

My show,CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT, comes from the Frankenstein studios high up here at the Castle.Its a dark place where the Children of the Night listen in for their Rock n Roll medicine.The studio is over run by EVIL Gremlins but luckily I have the beautiful Countess Von Gene to calm me and Dr.Van Hell- Sing armed with Holy water to keep the Gremlins at bay.

I was raised in Rock n Roll and believe that good music should be heard and here at the Castle it will be.

My show is a mix of Classic - New rock tunes with a few memory makers I play from the Vaults of the Castle.

So to sum up,

I'm Welsh Gene and I play Rock n Roll - LOUD.

Children Of The Night.jpg
The Mike Rogers Show With Mike Rogers

Wednesday 21.00-23.00

About Mike in Tokyo Rogers: 

Mike has been a professional music/TV/radio/anime-related program producer in Japan since the eighties. He is the only DJ in Japan verified by Twitter.

Mike was the first and only foreigner in Japanese history to become the General Manager of a major Japanese broadcasting station (TV Tokyo owned InterFM). Has produced a few smash hit programs and several of Tokyo’s highest rated and most famous radio programs. 

A recent hit program was “The TV Show” (Set Program with “Ninja Slayer”) which, between April – Oct. 2015, garnered over 10 million viewers.  

He is currently producing and hosting “The Mike Rogers Show” on in 9 stations worldwide; UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

He began in the music business in 1977 as lead vocalist with the legendary Los Angeles Punk Band, “The Rotters” (Sit on My Face Stevie Nix.). 

As a university student, he was assistant to the legendary Rodney Bingenheimer (Rodney on the ROQ – KROQ Los Angeles from 1980 ~ 1981.)

His life’s dream is his just completed full-length motion picture, “Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock and Roll Ghost Story” which world premiered at the prestigious Raindance Film Festival in London and was released by a major Japanese motion picture company and in theaters all across Japan in Autumn 2017. It also enjoyed a theatrical release in Canada.

Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock and Roll Ghost Story Japanese Trail-er:

In 2018, he also produced “Matsuchiyo - Life of a Geisha” which also premiered at Raindance in London. Teaser:

He is currently working with Hollywood Director Stephen David Brooks on a feature film starring legendary Japanese actress, Momoi Kaori. Mike & Stephen co-wrote the script.

Mike is also a Jury Member for life at Raindance Film Festival.

Mike is also on the Board of Directors on a new NGO set by Dr. Kamei at Tokyo University. Currently searching for a CEO.. Candidates for the position of CEO are Mr. Kazuo Inamori, the founder of Kyosera and a former CEO of JAL, or Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, a former prime minister.

… Oh, and he likes to write about himself in the third person!

The Mike Rogers Show.jpg
60s Scene With Roger Nichols

Sunday 19.00-20.00

My love of music started way back with the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Procol Harum etc and while my tastes are pretty broad I do still love the Psychedelic and Progressive genres in particular. I strum a bit of guitar when I get the chance but definitely for my own amusement! I started broadcasting on Hospital Radio, something that I still do and found a niche and like-minded music lovers on Rock Radio UK and I’ve been with the station for a few years now. My shows are:

The 60s Scene – I tend to focus on the years 66-69 the period when the scene was really exciting and music was developing and each new release was awaited with huge excitement.

60's Scene.jpg
The Walrus & The Carpenter With Roger N & Roger D

Tuesday 19.00-21.00          Thursday 9.00-11.00

My love of music started way back with the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Procol Harum etc and while my tastes are pretty broad I do still love the Psychedelic and Progressive genres in particular. I strum a bit of guitar when I get the chance but definitely for my own amusement! I started broadcasting on Hospital Radio, something that I still do and found a niche and like-minded music lovers on Rock Radio UK and I’ve been with the station for a few years now. 

The Walrus & the Carpenter – This is a show that I work on with my friend Roger D. The music is new or recent and the mix reflects the different tastes and areas of knowledge of Roger D and myself.  There’s areas where we overlap, areas where we diverge and there’s generally a glass or two of wine involved!

Walrus And Carpenter.jpg
Amazing Sounds Astounding Music With Ian Pope

Thursday 18.00-20.00
Sunday 20.00-22.00

For over 40 years, I’ve been an obsessive rock music fan. In my mid-teens I became infatuated with the music of Genesis, Led Zeppelin and Yes. My enthusiasm for their music, and of many others, continues to this day.I have been involved in DJing and presenting radio shows in the last few years. I present a monthly show on a local internet radio station and even produce my own music podcasts. For a while I was a volunteer on the hospital radio and will admit to having played requests for Ed Sheeran! I see presenting these shows as the natural extension of being a music fan and collector.I am honoured and delighted to join Rock Radio UK to present a show dedicated to progressive music from the Seventies. I call it The 1974 Music Show, which is an ironic reference to view held in certain quarters that no music of value has been made since 1974. I intend to include the whole range of rock music from the 1970s – progressive rock, heavy rock, jazz rock/fusion, folk and other interesting stuff. I hope you will enjoy it too!

The 1974 Music Show.jpg
Metallic Onslaught With Joe-Rick-Randy & Jeffie

Friday 2.00-7.00

The Metallic Onslaught will assault you with some of the heaviest Metal you can hear anywhere.

Metallic Onslaught.jpg
A Saucerful Of Prog With Steve Pilkington

Saturday 21.00-23.00
Monday 4.00-6.00

For as long as I have been old enough to listen to music, progressive rock, and classic rock in general, has been my passion – leading to stints firstly as a (failed) musician, and more recently as a freelance writer. I edited the Classic Rock Society magazine for several years until its recent demise, I occasionally write for Prog magazine and have published books on, to date, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow and The Rolling Stones, as well as writing the official biography of Gordon Giltrap. A Saucerful Of Prog is an extension of my own love for the music, pushing the boundaries of the genre as far as they can go, while showcasing plenty of contemporary artists as well as regular dips back into the vaults.


For those who like to know such things, the first gig I ever attended was Deep Purple Mk IV at Liverpool Empire in March 1976 (I was 14), and the first album and single I bought were The Slider and Children Of The Revolution by T Rex (I was 11). My favourite album is Still Life by Van Der Graaf Generator, my favourite track is Stargazer by Rainbow, and my favourite gig attended is a three-way tie between Black Sabbath in 1977, Marillion at the Marquee in 1982 and Pink Floyd at Earls Court in 1994. But there have been so many great ones besides!

A Saucerful Of Prog.jpg
Sonic Gypsy Radio Show With Mickey Banks

Friday 17.00-19.00
Tuesday 12.00-14.00

SONIC GYPSY RADIO SHOW; and.. got away with several fucks, loads of motherfuckers, drug refs, incitement to revolution and oral sex with Satan... Not bad for a tea time! Thanks everyone, lovely to bring you all into my little world , loved doing it, please let everyone you know who might like proper rock n roll music in all its brilliant forms and you think might like come on board to join the SGRS tribe!

Sonic Gypsy Radio Show.jpg
70's Soiree With Roger Dudman

Tuesday 11.00-12.00
Saturday 11.00-12.00

70's Soiree w/ Roger Dudman

I have always loved all genres of music from a young age, particularly enjoying live music.

My first vinyl purchases included, The Allman Brothers Band, The D, Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, Peter Green-The List goes on!!

This set the trend for my main taste in music namely Rock, Blues and Seventies.

Before producing my own radio shows, I entertained people with my Mobile DJ Roadshow Hosting Weddings, Parties and events etc.

Roger D’s 70’s Soiree

As the name suggests music from the albums of the sixties and seventies. Concentrates on the nostalgic and classic rock and blues tracks.

70's Soiree.jpg
Nico's Rock Fixx With Nick Adams

Sunday 14.00-16.00
Tuesday 15.00-17.00

Hi I'm Nico aka Nick Adams and you can tune in to me every Sunday afternoon at 2pm UK time and Tuesday afternoon at 3pm for two hours of the best rock on the planet. Expect to hear both classic and modern rock from the 60s to the present day, championing the up and coming artists of today while also celebrating the classics.

If you like your rock light and shade and you enjoy some witty banter in-between and showing off my love and knowledge for heavy rock and metal music with a bit of country and blues thrown in for good measure from time to time? Then tune into Nico's Rock Fixx on Rock Radio UK.

Nico's Rock Fixx.jpg
Taking Care Of Business With Colin Howard

Tuesday 21.00-22.00
Saturday 4.00-5.00


Hi, I’m Colin Howard. I was dragged up in the sixties and seventies in the Manchester area of the UK.

Music, like food and oxygen, has always been an important part of my life; indeed, life’s memories and events are often recalled by music.

I grew up with a sister who was 4 years older than me, so I was exposed to music, particularly the Beatles, from an early age.

The first album I bought was Led Zeppelin II and then Deep Purple in Rock and, over the years, my tastes extended to include Focus, Steely Dan and Emerson Lake and Palmer. My favourite band of my teens, however, was Ten Years After, with the late, great Alvin Lee on lead guitar. I was fortunate to live in area with a lively, live music scene, seeing in concert, Ten Years After, Focus, Supertramp and The Moody Blues and being in a rock band, which played in the Stockport area in the mid-1970s.

I have a very varied taste in music and enjoy listening to all types – not all of them rock.

Outside music, my interests are football, our cats and I have written, and had published, two books on the West Somerset Railway, which is a steam railway in the south-west of England.

I love sharing my music and look forward to interacting with you on Rock Radio. Please send me any comments or requests to

Taking Care Of Business.jpg
Pulsebeat With Wayne Elliott

Thursday 14.00-15.00
Sunday 13.00-14.00

Wayne Elliott has been a music fan for over 40 years. His love of all things noisy was sealed when he witnessed Ramones live in 1980. He's been a songwriter, musician and a record company man in his time. Now he is a DJ and his mission is to shine a light on the bands and labels churning out fantastic music in the independent sector.

Spins From The Bins With Tony Corner

Wednesday 19.00-21.00

The show features an eclectic mix of classic and progressive rock and metal, plus some blues and instrumental tracks too....The odd acoustic number, some songs from the rockier side of prog and the odd curve ball too!

Spins From The Bins.jpg
Imaginarium With Roger Nicholls

Thursday 13.00-14.00
Saturday 10.00-11.00

My love of music started way back with the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Procol Harum etc and while my tastes are pretty broad I do still love the Psychedelic and Progressive genres in particular. I strum a bit of guitar when I get the chance but definitely for my own amusement! I started broadcasting on Hospital Radio, something that I still do and found a niche and like-minded music lovers on Rock Radio UK and I’ve been with the station for a few years now. My shows are:

The Imaginarium of Wonderful Weirdness – I tend to stick to a theme with these programmes but that theme can be anything from Alice in Wonderland, The Canterbury Scene, New Prog, New Psyche, a particular record label etc. It will sometimes feature interviews or even the odd slice of poetry depending on the theme. The music might be contemporary or from previous decades but there will be something that ties it all together.

Rock Of Ages With Lucas Campbell

Monday 17.00-19.00
Thursday 4.00-6.00

I became interested in music as a young autograph hunter in Blackpool waiting outside The Opera House asking musicians and pop stars to sign my autograph book and any pictures of them that I had collected.  The most memorable moment of that period was meeting Gene Vincent. Another such moment was meeting all the Radio Caroline Jocks at The Queens in Cleveleys in 1966.  I started learning guitar at the age of about nineteen with the idea of becoming a songwriter but it wasn’t until 1978 I thought about forming my own band which was to be Ideal Types which contained some of the most creative musicians I have ever known. After the demise of Ideal Types I played with one or two local outfits and did sound mixing and roadie for another local band in the 80’s.  During the 80’s I continued to write more songs filling brown envelopes with cassettes to send to music publishers which always seemed like a thankless task. In the early 1990’s some of legwork paid off with a number of instrumental themes accepted for publication and release on 'Panama' an international music library label. All of these themes have been included in TV documentaries and films on worldwide release as background & incidental music, some have been used just recently in the series Dalziel & Pascoe.  In 1995 I established my own record label “Twosome Records” and released my CD Album “He Was A Dreamer” the title track receiving airplay on BBC regional stations. Another song “In Time” was played on BBC Radio Northamptonshire in 1997 as a tribute to Lady Diana. In 2007 “Southbound Train” a southern rock song was released on NBT Records USA on their “Ride The Train” Series. In 2002 I was approached by C.FM a local radio group to present a rock show on their early trial broadcasts, eventually becoming one of the founding directors, sadly it was all to end in tears when I resigned on air in February 2008 due to a change in music policy which meant my show was to be downgraded. However, I was approached by several internet radio stations in the USA & Canada after they had read my story, this enabled me to continue to present my show on the internet which was broadcast 5 days a week by ‘Smokin Tunz Radio’ & twice a week on A slogan ‘From the UK to the USA ‘The Rock of Ages Show is Comin’ Your Way’ was borne when I became part of the ‘Smokin Tunz’ line up in May 2007, the show became so popular that the owner Brian Boone even had a 24 hour ‘Rock Of Ages Radio Show Rock-a-thon’.  Sadly Brian Boone died in November 2009 and ‘Smokin Tunz’ had to close down at the end of December.  I was approached by several internet stations but I was delighted when I was asked by Norma Jean ‘The Queen of Classic Rock’ if I would like to continue broadcasting my show in the USA on ‘The Red Eye Radio Network’ as we both had great mutual respect for the late Brian Boone who believed in us, I felt an immediate affinity with Norma and I just ‘Knew’ that ‘The Red Eye Radio Network’ was the right station for ‘The Rock of Ages Radio Show’ which is now broadcast world wide on thirteen different stations.  I also continued to run BJ’s Blues Club here in Chorley which became the most successful blues club in The North West. “Keeping Live Music Alive” was my slogan for the continuing quest to give longevity to the Club whose name is taken from my late friend BJ, it was his last request to me, to continue as the promoter for the club.  I am often called a ‘Rock Guru’ but in truth I am a campaigner for so many bands and pioneering musicians who appear in my show who I feel have been sidelined far too long and don’t receive their due recognition for their contributions to music. To take a tag line from my radio show “Seminal Bands, Definitive Tracks, Forgotten Songs & Unsung Musical Heroes” is possibly the best description of my musical homily. All I do is for ‘Love, these are my Hobbies, my Passions, my Desires to ‘Keep Live Music Alive’ today and to ‘Keep The Memories Alive of The Great Musical Heroes’ Who Made It All Happen’ for me from the late 60’s…70’s… ‘May The Great Spirit Watch Over Each and Everyone Of Us ’Until We All Meet Again’.  This was written by me after I lost 4 very dear friends who believed in me and gave me the confidence to carry on with my ‘Dreams of making my pastimes my ‘lifes' work’. "We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams" Lucas Campbell.

Rock Of Ages (1).jpg
Rockin' The Decades With Graham Lavender

Monday 20.00-22.00
Wednesday 4.00-6.00

I have always had a passion for music.

The first 45 I bought was “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones to play on my Dansette. In the 70s I moved on to the likes of Mott The Hoople, Bad Company and Boston thereby cementing my love of rock.

Mobile DJing in the late 70s and 80s expanded my taste for different types of music and, most fortunately, my beautiful wife Frances A.K.A. My Producer shares my love for different genres. The live acts that we have seen most are Judas Priest, Asia, Journey, Paul Carrack and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Our radio story began some 8 years ago presenting Pop shows on a local radio station. Our Classic Rock show has run for 6 years plus with Frances helping me to choose the pick of new music for our listeners. In order to feature a mix of Melodic Rock, Metal, A.O.R, Hard Rock and Blues we cover the decades from the 60s to now.

We are delighted to bring our show to like minded listeners and look forward to “Rockin’ The Decades” with you.

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