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Muse - Last Night o2 London

Last night saw the final show for Muse's Will Of The People tour at London's o2.

If like me you were lucky enough to be there then you need not read this as you already know!

This was the third time Ive seen Muse live, having seen them pre pandemic at The London Stadium in 2019 and then a year ago for the tour warm up / charity gig at Hammersmith Apollo, and they definatly did not disappoint.

Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme & Dominic Howard gave their usual ultra high perform of high-octane rock in full effect leaving no doubt as to their status as one of the biggest and best acts in the universe. Giving the fans the right amount of their latest material and of course all the classics they want to hear. Starting with the latest album title track 'Will Of The People' and ending on 'Knights Of Cydonia' with everything you'd expect in between.

This show was a little less complex (technically) than that other shows from previous tours but non the less epic in its own way. Sound was incredible with tons of lighting, lasers pyros, confetti (and even snow at one point!) and constantly changing set design.

The support act 'Nova Twins' also absolutely rocked the house with their high energy urban space punk rock rap (not sure how else to describe their sound?). Ive found in the past that support acts can be a bit meh, but not these ladies!

They know how to do it!

I heard clear influences from Royal Blood, Skunk Anasie and Rage Against The Machine in there and loved every minute of it. A polished act thats gained a few new fans including me!

All in all a fantasic night out and came home with a slight ringing in my ears that should be totally expected from a well executed 'world class super band' rock show.

Lee James 2023

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