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Who are you ?

My name is Lee James, Ive been presenting radio shows of different types since early lockdown times. Dance music, Northern Soul, Reggae, Rock and more. I also create most (well all) the techy stuff for RRUK, Apps, Website, Servers etc. I’m married to Zoe and between us we have 3 grown up children, Sami, Georgia, Harvey and one granddaughter, Lillibelle. I have mild dyslexia and type 2 Diabetes, my hair is falling out and my eye sight is fading.


What brought you to RRUK ?

Bad luck really! I was kind of done with radio after leaving Moshville (which I co-created in 2021). Dave of the Cyderbaby fame reached out for help brining an established station back to life and injecting a new dynamic. Stupidly I agreed to help out in the background and it took over my life! After saying NO! to broadcasting, the bug to get back on air crept in so here I am !


Tell us about your show on RRUK

Its selfishly call ‘Lee James Radio Show’ (Couldn’t think of a better title!) It’s a live show cause that’s how I roll! I play songs I like, predominantly classic bangers form Muse, Foo Fighters, Royal Blood, ACDC or anything that fits around that kind of thing. I also spout on about pointless nonsense or anything that enters my crazy mind. It’s just entertainment really and if you have been entertained then my job was done.


What are your musical passions ?

Err well strangely NOT ROCK (well not entirely). If I’m honest I’m a dance music DJ and producer first and foremost. I love making remixes of old tracks, in particular 70’s disco tracks, to give them a modern edge. However, I’m not snobbish about any type of music and find myself having love for a track because it speaks to me in some way. The truth is perhaps that I don’t have a musical passion, I’m just passionate about music, whatever it is, it creates an emotion in us all from utter hatred to complete love and everything in between.


Outside of music what are your passions ?

Travelling and exploring new places and meeting new people.

Spending quality time with my family and friends

Chilling out with a good TV box set or movie

Enjoying a glass or two of Jack Daniels and having a bit of ME time.


What gigs have you been to recently or going to soon ?

Last big gig was Muse at the O2 for the last night of the Will Of The People tour, that was most excellent!. Coming up this year is UB40 & Maxi Priest at a local festival and Chic (I love Nile Rodgers!) at Margate. If Mr Cyderbaby pulls his finger out then possibly Maid of Stone festival in July ? There will likely be some other too I’m sure.


What was the first big gig you went to ?

It was on my 18th birthday. My parent to me to Brighton to see Status Quo (Their favorite not mine). I don’t dislike them but I’m not really a fan however it was brilliant! BIG sound BIG lights amazing atmosphere. I think that’s when I knew that music was going have a huge impact on my life.


What do you do in life away from RRUK ?

Life is busy. I write code for room automation and audio control, look after a sprawling IT network and all its infrastructure, Sound Engineer, Entertainer / DJ for high end weddings & birthdays etc, collect Jack Daniels memorabilia, spending time doing crazy stuff with my amazing and beautiful wife Zoe and I’m grandad to the equally beautiful and equally amazing Lillibelle, which keeps me on my toes. On occasion I find time to sleep!


What’s in your glass ?

Usually Jack Daniels with lemonade but more recently Bumbu Rum on the rocks. Beer wise its normally some terrible soft excuse for beer like Fosters or Carling although I do like a decent IPA or a Guiness.


Tea or Coffee ?

Coffee, white, 2 sweeteners


Favourite food ?

Indian, Chicken Madras or Jalfrezi (anything spicy!)


Windows or Mac ?

Both. Mac for music, Windows for code



iOS or Android

iOS. Bought an iPhone Mk1 (after having an iPod Touch (remember those?) as it was the first proper smart phone and never changed my mind. TBH though a phone is a phone and I’m definably not a campaigner of either.


One thing you absolutely hate doing

Food shopping with Zoe (actually any shopping of any kind that involves Zoe being there)


Car or Public Transport ?

Both. I love to drive but the train is very appealing these day. Never the bus, I don’t like buses.


All time favourite band or artist ?

Pink Floyd – Seen them twice, Division Bell tour at Earls Court and Live 8 concert Hyde Park


Marmite – Love or hate ?

Love it!


Worst job you ever had ?

Technical minon for Rock Radio UK


Best Job you ever had ?

Technical minon for Rock Radio UK or being a Grandad


Favourite colour(s)

Black / Dark Blue / Orange


What is the future looking like ?

Ive no idea about the future but if it carries on like this then it will be rosy. If nothing changed and died tomorrow, I would be content. I have an incredible family and some truly brilliant friends and neighbours. I work very hard and enjoy all the things I do so I guess it’s a charmed life. I’m constantly looking to make life better / easier for myself, my family and friends. New things come along all the time so let’s see what happens. My future moto – ‘I’m not done yet!’

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